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breeze blows, bruises glow

his eyes wide, sinister smile

i rhyme his legs and mine

the darkness is as heavy as your prayers

in this dim vacant hall

no one is looking and you,

can create poetry

photoshoped for maa. giggles.

photoshoped for maa. giggles.

giggles. giggles.

the non-conformist.

here i write about non-conformism, the “system” and the “society”.


Pretty young girls dressing like sluts for guys who don’t care.



Beauty: A superhero with male pattern baldness.

hello, my name is beautiful

just when i was busy altering ideologies over a dinner conversation, there were girls who were trying ‘lipastick’ for the very first time.


she had no home

the city was lonely

her ankles ached

her teeth were sad

the complexes ached

at the sky

for being too far away

everyone was lonely

so they created a system in hell

before they died


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